अद्वितीयम् | Adviteeyam

एकम् सत् विप्रा बहुदा वदन्ति - That which exists is ONE sages call it by various names

As the oldest religion still widely practiced today, Hinduism has taken different evolutionary forms where the modern devotee may be impervious to the roots or original intentions of certain philosophical works. Among the metaphysical debate has been the ranking of Shiva andVishnu creating different sects, Shaivism and Vaishnavism, where devotees of each have attempted to clarify a hierarchical order. Stories known as Puranas, associated with each deity carry conflicting information placing a particular deity at the forefront possibly due to each sects biases. Vishnu and Shiva have each taken on conflicting ideals and seem to influence a different aspect of a devotees life. 

The conflicting roles of Vishnu and Shiva are in direct opposition and can be seen as a tension. However, this tension can be described as merely duality of the same spiritual spectrum. Shiva and Vishnu thus become the proper duality, the inner world and the outer world, the spiritual world and the material world,and mankind's inherit need to unite the two.

Thus ‘Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vadanti” That which exists is ONE sages call it by various names.”

Creative Team

Concept Yamini Reddy

Artistic Directors: Yamini & Bhavana Reddy

Choreographers by Raja Radha Reddy

Producer Natya Tarangini