BHAMA KALAPAM is a Shringara Kavya, a practical exposition of Natya (dance-drama), Sangeeta (music) and Tala (rhythm) shastras, all in one composed by Siddhendra Yogi between the 11th & 14th centuries. It is the most popular dance number even today, and it is invariably the dream of every Kuchipudi artist to dance in the role of Satyabhama at least once in their life time.

Raja Radha Reddy traveled to Kuchipudi village and Eluru in Andhra Pradesh to learn this ancient tradition of Bhama Kalāpamfrom their guru Vendantam Prahlada Sarma. Mastergaru had a distinct style from other gurus that displayed perfection in poise, gait, technique and abhinaya. The duo spread this beautiful and sacred dance-drama for decades giving breathtaking performances, wowing audiences across the world. This tradition now lives on through their daughters and disciples.

Satyabhāma,the most amorous consort of Lord Krishna, is the heroine of this dance number and is a‘Swādhina Pathika’(or a hero-in-her-grip type of) heroine. Bhama Kalāpamis probably the only dance-drama among the Hindu lore of lover lyrics that the role of Krishna is practically absent and Satyabhaāmarenders the entire number with the assistance of her handmaid. And a full story is told.

 Satyabhama loved her Lord passionately with an ambition of keeping him exclusively in her embrace. Passionate love is a form of devotion when it has a single object in view. It may appear as selfishness. But selfishness is not a sin. Siddhendra Yogi thought that every devotee is a consort of Lord Krishna and Krishna as Loka Bhartia (eternal husband).He placed himself in the position of Satyabhama who, could not stand separated from her Lord even for a moment. He composed song after song. The whole composition is known as ‘Bhama Kalapam’


Artistic Director Bhavana Reddy

Choreographers Raja Radha Reddy