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Bhavana Reddy is a celebrated Kuchipudi Dancer


The Statesman Newspaper

Kennedy Centre, Washington DC

“ No wonder Bhavana is praised for her uninhibited Abhinaya, riveting rhythmic virtuosity and arresting stage presence that wins her exuberant ovations all over. “ Smt. Manjari Sinha, Statesman Newspaper

The Shillong Times

Sangeet Natak Akademi’s Award Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar

Awarded by the Central Government Organization Sangeet Natak Akademi to one exceptional dancer under the age of 40 each year, this award is the most coveted award for the Indian Performing Arts.

Ballet Review Magazine, New York

“Bhavana Reddy brought delicate grace to her recital of Kuchipudi, Reddy is quite skilled at applying diminutive movements to charming affect.” - Karen Greenspan for Ballet Review Magazine, NY


“ Bhavana Reddy was marvelously judicious. Her percussive footwork enhanced the taped music, her floor patterns and gestures dramatized its spirit with tender vivacity.” — NEW YORK TIMES, Alastair Macaulay

“Bhavana entered the stage in a scintillating manner. She dances like lightening! “ NARTHAKI, Vijayawada Shri Sunil Kothari

“Opening her mesmerizing recital…Bhavana enchanted the audience by her emotional facial expressions, delicate movements and suggestive gestures.“ — THE STATESMAN, Delhi Smt. Manjari Sinha

“The best scene so far was by Bhavana Reddy who in the Hasyam sequence, with just recitation of rhythmic syllables, created a sense of mirth all the time interacting with the audience. Here is a natural funster, with a tremendous sense of timing who occupies stage space with complete confidence. The way she pranced around imitating a monkey brought the house down in laughter.”

— NARTHAKI, Delhi Smt. Leela Venkatraman

“Reddy, in accordance with the dance form, covers space with Kuchipudi’s hallmarks of sureness and energy..Bhavana Reddy was curvacious, vivacious and wonderfully flirty with large, expressive eyes,fully adept in her medium,…” — RENEE RENOUF, San Francisco

“The one who becomes the darling of all viewers, however, is the girl who plays the confused disciple Shandilya ... Her Shandilya is the character, the playwright, it seems, had in mind. Playful, light on feet, impetuous and impish, this Shandilys looks an effortless portrayal.”

CREATIVE YATRA, Ahmedabad, Shri Suresh Desai Drama critic

“Bhavana Reddy as Shadily with shaven hair, probationary monk costume and looks turned up as a marvelous actor with her histrionics. Her natural mirth teaming in her eyes; the candor and comfort with which she slipped into the role of an infatuated boy - underlined her potential and immense talent.” — THE HINDU, Delhi, Ranee Kumar

“…dance full of flair as executed by Bhavana…Along with excellent group discipline in dancing and evenly matched, aesthetically costumed dancers, this session stood out. “ NARTHAKI, Delhi, Smt. Leela Venkatraman

“… the prowess of the artiste playing Satyabhama in reading out the letter as she writes it is an art by itself. This sequence is a test for the artiste’s abhinaya. Bhavana was at her best in keeping up to its thematic element… “ THE HINDU, Hyderabad, Shri Gudipoodi Srihari

“… confident masters of the stage - impeccable timing, precision in every pose, perfection in execution and complete identification with the role portrayed. ‘' THE HINDU, Chennai Rupa Srikanth

“ Her arresting stage presence, innate grace and the ability to sing and dance with a tight grip on rhythm, provided her the confidence and effortless ease to perform this challenging number with great aplomb. “ THE STATESMAN, New Delhi Smt. Manjari Sinha