Realism at its best, Bhavana exemplifies how the Indian youth can be firmly rooted in their traditions yet express them self in the modern context without compromising the authenticity of either genres of music and dance. There was a great divide between a classically trained musician/ dancer in the country typecast as the purists who stayed aloof and the modern Indian’s who perceive the former as outdated, irrelevant ideologies and practices.

Our knowledge and traditions are meant to be universal, timeless and full of purpose. This production completes the two sides of the today’s youth - one that is longing to belong and the other that is astray and finding purpose - into a composite whole.

Faces maps the universals to the earthly and the earthly to the universal.

Creative Team

Artistic Direction, Choreography, Music Composition and Lyrics: Bhavana Reddy

Dancers: Natya Tarangini (Mahesh, Gauri Taneja, Yashasvini Jindal, Sanjana Jain)

Musicians: Dennis Nilsson (Drums), Krishnan Swaminathan (Bass), Vinay Kaushal (Guitar), Kiran Kumar Sharma (Flute) and Rakesh (Percussion)